Електронната музика – Techno vs Trance


Като човек, който се занимава с Информационни Технологии не мога да не призная, че харесвам електронна музика. Привличането ми към този тип музика започна отдавна. Основните виновници за това бяха Жан Мишел Жар (на френски Jean-Michel André Jarre) и Майк Олдфийлд (на английски Michael Gordon Oldfield).

След това вниманието ми привлече Техното (на английски Techno) и неговите разновидности. Напоследък, не без помощта на жена ми, се заслушвам и в Транса (на английски Trance).

За тазгодишният женски празник подарих на съпругата си билети за A State of Trance 600 – The Expedition. Отидохме заедно с нея. И двамата бяхме приятно изненадани. До сега не беше ни се случвало да посещаваме подобно събитие.

Та по този повода търсих описание на разликите между техното и транса. Попаднах на нещо интересно според мен в един форум. Предлагам ви текста по-долу на английски:

Trance: more pulsing into the mind, more addictive. It seriously tunes you into the music, and relieves all stress of the human body. Not only physically but it can mentally help you in large amounts of work, as long as you can stay on task! Trance is also the “Real” techno.

Tehcno : techno is a “starter” layer. techno is a abstract idea. almost everyone says, if your a nerd you listen to techno. and most people don’t realize what it really is. techno can have its ups, but it cannot fully stimulate the human body. It only revitalizes the mind, for a short while. Techno cannot stay in your mind for long, due to its low kb/s capabilities, thus you forget it often, and have to hear the music many times to get it down. Techno is also refеred as Technology Music, thus creating the rumors in schools that techno is a bunch of keystrokes. I was seriously up-set about this, and i raved on to my friends to download some and try it. I also gave them a trance piece. They seemed to like the techno better. This is because techno is usually first to spark up the human mind. Once you get into it heavily, you start to want more, craving more pulses, impacts, and beats. Then they see trance on a music genera list, and go hmmm… trance… sounds like techno.. I’ll give it a try. Thus, techno is really a starter in the trance industry. it came first, and it was required for trance to even eqsist. So i say, enjoy the techno while you can, download the mixes of techno, and keep it in a separate folder.

I personally like trance better, for the reasons stated above. At first, i thought it was rave music. “Trance” deep in thought. that’s probably why so many people aren’t fans of it first, and why people tend to shy away from anything containing “hard-type” music. But, if you’ve noticed… many punk and Gothic fans have been listening to Trance. why? because of what i just said! Its an mistake of the human mind.

If you want, copy this and sent it to a friend. I think its important. Trance should be known more around the world. I guarantee you that there will be a Trance MTV Music Awards around the next 5-8 years or so. Its the ‘real newage’ music. Enjoy it, trance will be here a while.


(ImagiNation Animation)

INA Website


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